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Milwaukee Preservation Alliance Honored with Historic Preservation Award

The Wisconsin Historical Society’s Board of Curators recently honored the Milwaukee Preservation Alliance (MPA) with its Historic Preservation Award. The prestigious award was given to MPA in recognition of the organization’s decade-long Save the Soldiers Home effort, which was marked by a major victory this spring after a complex and comprehensive rehabilitation project returned six historic buildings, including the iconic Old Main, to the service of veterans as 101 units of permanent supportive housing for homeless and at-risk veterans and their families.

“This award reinforces the incredible historical and architectural value of the Milwaukee Soldiers Home,” said Peter Zanghi, Milwaukee Preservation Alliance President. “We are proud to celebrate this award with our many partners as we build upon the momentum of this remarkable preservation project and seek to return even more threatened Soldiers Home buildings to the service of veterans.”

The award recognizes the most significant work in protecting a threatened historic property in Wisconsin
including commendable community and individual efforts such as advocacy, fund raising, physical stabilization, and repair. It also takes into consideration the degree to which projects have overcome a significant tangible threat and the degree to which efforts have been made to ensure the future protection of the property.

“The annual Board of Curators Awards acknowledges those who have gone above and beyond to preserve and share Wisconsin history,” said Christian Overland, the Ruth and Hartley Barker Director & CEO for the Wisconsin Historical Society. “Knowledge of the past allows us to better understand the world around us and provides useful insight for navigating today’s challenges. The organizations and individuals selected to receive awards this year each made important contributions to history that ensure future generations can access the stories of our state’s past.”

To learn more about MPA’s Save the Soldiers Home effort, including its efforts to return additional endangered Soldiers Home buildings to the service of veterans, visit


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