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Urge WisDOT and the FHWA to choose at-grade alternative for I-94

​As you may know, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) are considering different design options for the expansion of Interstate I-94, which runs through the Milwaukee Soldiers Home.

Since the expansion will occur where the highway borders the Soldiers Home, we are working hard to ensure that WisDOT and the FHWA pursue the option with the least negative effect on the National Historic Landmark District and more specifically on Wood National Cemetery.

After careful consideration and numerous discussions in consultation with WisDOT and the FHWA, we are recommending the at-grade alternative as the best option for the Soldiers Home Historic District. Though the at-grade option could potentially include the partial elimination of the Hawley Road interchange, we believe it is a much less-intrusive option than the 30′ double-deck freeway that would completely block off the view of the cemetery on the north side of I-94. In addition, the double-deck option would cost two or three times more than the at-grade alternative ($295-$345 million vs. $115-125 million), which is another good reason to support the at-grade option.

Recently, WisDOT and the FHWA released a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the project and outlined several opportunities to share feedback. We invite you to join us in urging WisDOT and the FHWA to move forward with the at-grade alternative.

There are a couple ways you can share your feedback:

  • Sign on to our letter of support, available for your review here. You can sign on by emailing with your name and the organization you represent (if applicable); please also note if you are a veteran.

  • Email your personal feedback directly to WisDOT‘s project supervisor, Jason Lynch at Please copy on your email so we can keep a record of submissions.


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