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MPA Reaches Fundraising Goal!

A tremendous thank you to everyone who contributed to the Soldiers Home Wayfinding and Awareness Campaign. The Milwaukee Preservation Alliance would not have been able to achieve its goal without the generous support of the many individuals and groups who care deeply about the Soldiers Home. These contributions show that our community values highly the Milwaukee Soldiers Home Historic District.

Through your support MPA was able to reach its $30,000 fundraising goal!

The Wayfinding and Awareness Campaign kicked off with the development of a free, downloadable self-guided walking tour app, funded by the David and Julia Uihlein Foundation. The Soldiers Home walking tour, complete with historical photos, audio narration and key historic facts about the district, has been a great success. Subsequently, MPA set its sights on signage to continue to drive awareness of the Soldiers Home.

Funds will now be used to purchase and install directional and interpretive signage. Soon you will see exit signs along Interstate Highway 94 indicating the Soldiers Home National Historic Landmark. We anticipate installation of the Hank Aaron State Trail interpretive sign in spring 2015.

Thanks to YOU many more people in our community will know about the Soldiers Home!


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