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Share your story with the #MySoldiersHome campaign!

What are your memories or stories about the Milwaukee VA Soldiers Home Historic District? Have you received care at the VA Hospital and found yourself walking the park-like grounds? Did a parent or grandparent spend time on the grounds? Is a loved one of yours buried in Wood National Cemetery? Have you found yourself walking the District after a game at Miller Park and stood in awe of Old Main? Have you driven past the district every day but just recently stopped to learn more?

Whether you use words, pictures, videos or poems, we want to hear from you!

For example, tell us how long ago you first discovered the site or how old you were the first time you experienced the Soldiers Home. What your very first impression? How did the site make you feel? Were you able to get a sense of what it might have been like for soldiers living there after the war?

Join the effort to make this national treasure and historic landmark known in our community by sharing memories, stories and anecdotes. You have the power to spread the word about this significant historic asset.

Not only will your story or memory help raise awareness of the District, we might even use it to help tell others the story of the Soldiers Home and/or post it to the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s website for the Milwaukee VA Soldiers Home Historic District!

We have made sharing your story easy! You can take our online survey, or you can share your story in one of the following ways:

Facebook – Save the Soldiers Home: Post on the Save the Soldiers Home Timeline or send a message to Save the Soldiers Home

Twitter – SaveSoldrsHome: Send tweets, links, pictures or posts and include the #MySoldiersHome hashtag

YouTube – Upload a video and include #MySoldiersHome in the video title and description

Email – Email your Soldiers Home memory, or share your contact information and we’ll contact you to talk about it!

Phone – 414-939-4909: Call and leave a voice message telling a story or recounting a memory

Mail – Make hard-copy submissions via mail. Write to Elizabeth Hummitzsch at 1749 N. Prospect Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53202

In-person – At DryHootch’s Brady Street and National Avenue Locations: Write your memory and turn it in at either of DryHootch’s Milwaukee locations (1030 E.Brady Street or 4801 W. National Avenue).

Know a friend or family member with a great story? Share this information and help us spread the word about the #MySoldiersHome campaign!


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