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A CAC update from the National Trust and MPA

As we continue to welcome home veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, we are reminded of the critical role that medical, social and emotional services play in adjusting to civilian life after what has been, in many cases, multiple tours of duty.

The need for healing, on many levels, has helped drive the effort to restore the Milwaukee VA Soldiers Home Historic District to the service of veterans.

As we shared in our last newsletter, we have formed a Community Advisory Council for the Milwaukee VA Soldiers Home (CAC) to advocate for the protection, repair and rehabilitation of the Milwaukee VA Soldiers Home and identify a vision for the future use of the district’s historic buildings.

At our March meeting, the CAC reached consensus regarding unmet veteran needs, potential reuses of the vacant buildings on the Milwaukee VA Soldiers Home Historic District and a shared commitment to work toward making the Council’s vision for the district a reality.

We would like to invite you to review the Council’s consensus report, and if you and/or your organization agree with its principles, we ask that you please join us as an endorser. You can view the report and sign on by clicking here.

On behalf of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the Milwaukee Preservation Alliance and the partners and stakeholders that are committed to the District, thank you for your continued interest and support.

This article appeared in our April 2012 newsletter. To see other articles from our April newsletter, please click here.


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