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Community Advisory Council Formed

Following the momentum from the National Trusts 11 Most Endangered Historic Places Designation, a consortium of parties interested in the District, including the Milwaukee Preservation Alliance, the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Soldiers Home Foundation convened a broad group of veterans, neighbors, preservationists, civic, community and business leaders to form a Community Advisory Council for the Milwaukee VA Soldiers Home (CAC). The CAC has come together to advocate for the protection, repair and rehabilitation of the Milwaukee VA Soldiers Home and identify a vision for the future use of the district’s historic buildings.

“The Community Advisory Council will be critical to developing a master plan for the Milwaukee VA Soldiers Home District,” said Dawn McCarthy, President of the Milwaukee Preservation Alliance. “Most importantly, it is a way for the preservation community to connect with the veteran community, to ensure that in the end, these buildings meet the needs of our veterans.”

The CAC will also provide advice, counsel and support to assist in executing its vision in partnership with the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the Milwaukee Preservation Alliance. They will offer a voice to key stakeholder groups and organizations interested in the future of the Milwaukee VA Soldiers Home. The group aims to motivate the greater community and the VA to continue to take steps to put the District back into the service of Veterans.

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