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Located in a cluster of recreational buildings in the District, the Wadsworth Library was paid for with general post funds and funds raised through the sale of various items from the stores that were on the grounds at the time, including beer sales. The building is made of Milwaukee Cream City Brick besides the basement walls which are made of Wisconsin-sourced limestone.
The first floor is a large room that is open to the second story skylight.  Here the veterans could choose from a wide variety of the leading magazines and newspapers of the time, or they could sit at one of two large tables that provided pen and ink for correspondence.

The second story is a balcony that wraps around and looks down onto the reading room. It contains large walnut bookcases, several of which are the originals from the reading room in Old Main. In 1924, its large balcony was home to 12,000 volumes including history, fiction, science, biographies, and books of reference, and had the second largest circulation of all the branches. A narrow winding stairway is used for access to the balcony; a dumbwaiter is used to bring books and supplies to the upstairs shelving and reading area. During peak periods in domiciliary use, the basement of the library served as additional barracks space.

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