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The Fountain

The Soldiers Home Fountain, which sits directly in front of Old Main. Made of cast iron, the Fountain was designed by Casper Hennecke and remains int he original location that it was first installed nearly 150 years ago. 
The central statue with figurines and basin appears to be the same as they were shown in an old souvenir book from 1889. However, the stone wall surrounding the fountain was remodeled and a second outer ring was built in 1936.
In 2002, volunteers removed numerous layers of white paint and restored damaged parts of this fountain. 
Cannons used to be located near the fountain, in front of Old Main. There are now flower beds on either side of the fountain that sit on top of the old cannon mounts. These cannons were fired at sunrise and sunset each day, with a booming sound that echoed throughout the surrounding City of Milwaukee.
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