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MPA Opens the "Soldiers Home Store"

The Milwaukee Preservation Alliance (MPA) has a new Soldiers Home Store! MPA's store offers two items that were only previously offered during tours of the Milwaukee Soldiers Home.
Now you can order them online and have them shipped directly to you!

The first item is "Milwaukee’s Soldiers Home" book (2013, Arcadia Books, Images of America series), a photographic history book researched and written by local historian Patricia A. Lynch. The book’s 126 pages are full of stories and historic photographs giving you a glimpse into the Home’s early history and growth.

MPA is also offering a Soldiers Home Badge. It is a replica of a "suitable badge to be firmly attached to the uniform, and at all times worn, by each beneficiary of the Asylum" (now referred to as the Milwaukee Soldiers Home) from 1867.

Learn more and get your Soldiers Home swag on MPA's website.

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